Sunday, May 1, 2011

All about boys

This week I am on a fabric hunt for the new boys winter range !!!!

The fabric world hasn't been kind to our baby boy's SSSSOOOO many prints for little girls.

Never the less I have a plan and I am positive I will find what I am after...

Finally I started on Kai's bedding and his room will be now HIS room ( not a guest room) as the summer weather has gone. No-one wants to visit the beach in the winter , so this will give us a chance to do all finishing touches the house... I have even convinced Eden to be a little daring with his new room...

This is what we love, not on the wall but the rope concept is great !!!

Wish me luck on my fabric hunt, I always have a great journey ending up somewhere fun and meet some lovely people along the way ..

Kirsty xxx

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