Monday, November 28, 2011

Growing Up

Before the blink of an eyelid your children have grown right in front of your eyes.I had an extremely mature chat with my darling 11 year old son.Having a new change in his life about to happen .Technology has advanced so much ... there is now a device called the pump.Eden has Juvinele Diabetes and the pump is a device(similar size to a pager) attached to you and has great health benefits and eleviates 12 injections,also has more flexibility with food.A big step in his life adjusting to having this connected to him FOREVER.

As a mother you feel that need to make everything ok and fix all their worries and unfortunately I can not fix this ,only support him in best way I can and stay positive.I am so proud of him and his tremendous strength .

We had our regular visit to the Childrens Hospital today and Allanah said to me "mummy some of the children are just so sick ".I must say I am not a religous person, but I did say a quiet prayer today.At this time of year we focus on gifts and stress about material things and what most families in here would want is healthy children and to share a lovely Christmas at home.

Our caring little princess Allanah is turning 8 very soon and I am styling her rather large party in a few weeknds time. Great chevron patterns, milk bottles, fairy floss and a disco .

 Our little princess was featured in the latest Shop 4 Kids and looks so grown up.

This week I am working on my last custom designand it is huge.I usually do not do all the bumpers and skirts but I am this week.Flat out sewing sewing sewing and one Teepee !!!

Unitl next time Kirsty xx

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