Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will we continue

We have come to the end of our Orange Damask Set, one of our best sellers.

Shall we continue this line? What are your thoughts?

Time for a change or continue what works...

On a personal note it was my big baby's 11th birthday yesterday !!!

Such a chubby little bubba ( no digital camera's back in those days I had scan this in ), he is now way too cool to come near his mummy !!! They do grow up way to fast. He took cupcakes to school to share with his class and one of the young girls had a dairy allergy so she missed out. Eden was  so concerned that she was left he decided to buy her a lolly and take it to her to make her feel special !!!

I have one very compassionate young man. In the craziness of raising 3 children those moments make all worth it..

Wish me luck we are having an 11 year old sleep over party over the weekend... fun

Have a lovely weekend, remember to cherish your time when your children are young as it comes around so quickly and your not so cool ha ha ...

Have a lovely weekend

Kirsty xxx

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