Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All about you


Today is all about our little princess on her 8th birthday.There will no Santa talk in this house today !!!

Nearly 9 years ago the journey begun .... I was 5 weeks pregnant and showing ALOT , I was found out that I was having twins.Only to loose one of them early on.Fast forward to the 19 week scan, we so wanted to find out the sex of the baby.Well we did only after finding that our little baby may have Edwards Syndrome or Downs Syndrome, what a terrible time.Everything ended up ok after the Amnio and we found out we had a perfectly healthy little girl !!!

I know surely nothing else could go wrong ... it goes on.Pre-eclamsia kicked in and I was hospitalised (heavily medicated) on & off until Allanah came into the world nealry 6 weeks early VERY QUICKLY.A precious tiny little bundle of pink .

At that time Guy Sabastian's song was out about My Miracle and yes you were just that xxx

The story continues 2 1/2 years of extreme sleep deprivation for all of us, as you suffered in pain with a severe case of GORD (extreme reflux).

Now you are a healthy petite little princess and we love so dearly Happy Birthday darling xx

Party Time

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