Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desk Idea's

We are having an early Spring Clean and Re-vamp before Summer hits and we at the beach almost every day!!! The joys of living on the coast.Most Winter our weekends have been spent having hot chocolates and tea at Berry and Bowral.Along the way I have found the best bargains. Dave and I were just saying that it has come about that WE both have a bit of an obsession with CHAIRS.... I will share some pic's soon.

Eden's first re-vamp purchase was a black industrial chair.... he loves black,red and white.He recently got a surfboard for his birthday(ofcourse red).I was hoping to get a Parker Style Desk, but Eden is not keen on the style.Would love any Suggestions ???

Love this look !!! Now to just find a desk and start on Kai and Allanah's room.

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