Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother Nature

A treasured moment !!!!

Our Sunday's since moving to the south coast have been spent discovering untouched beaches along the coast, now as the cold weather is setting in, it is now country adventures.There is always a market or a jazz festival happening. So we were to Jamberoo and passed a paddock of pregnant cows.

Dave points out a cow is giving birth . Iphone in hand we witnessed one of the most amazing births of a beautiful little calf...This cow was so composed, calm and gave birth with such grace.

The kids were amazed ..what a life experience.Now this is why we moved to give the children the chance witness nature at it's best .

We have seen beautiful dolpins and  the birth of a calf all in 5 months.These experiences are good for the soul .

Back to Kaile I recieved my first lot of fabrics for one of our boys ranges and I love it !!!

Hope you like it .

Kirsty xxx

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