Sunday, April 10, 2011

From little things big things grow

Madly sewing this week finishing bits and pieces getting ready for our photoshoot this Friday with the very talented Chantelle from

I am so happy with this new winter range, I must say I have been on a very creative roll. Having so much fun, even the kids and my extented family have been involved in this range.So our business name Kaile , our family's letters all mixed together is really coming alive !!!

Eden my 10 year old son has given me such great feedback and support over the last few weeks.He said to me "mum you have done such a good job and one day you are going to be famous ". I had tears in my eyes famous I wish...

Hubby Dave walks around the craziness of fabric everywhere, singing from little things big things grow

I do believe if you  are passionate about what you do, dream big, start with small goals,create vision boards,push through the tough times ,work extremely hard and have fun anything is possible ....

Have a wonderful week and I can not wait to share our photo's with you !!!

Kirsty xxx

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