Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as a mum

As a mum our role is complex....I often feel like an octopus with tentacles moving in all directions.This week they have been stretched... I can laugh now as I am sitting for a few minutes and giving myself a rest!!!

We are packing everything into storage and have plans to build in our dream location Shell Cove. My house is turned upside down,my gorgeous 2 year old Kai has cried and had tantrums all week and I must admit I have felt like crying along with him.

As I was getting ready for Allies Atiic at Cronulla tomorrow, I was thinking life whislt having three children ,moving and working with Kaile is HECTIC. I am so blessed to have a wonderful healthy family,moving to the beach and I am doing something I absolutely love with Kaile.

I am looking out the window and the weather is looking promising for a beach side looking forward to it !!!!

To all the special mums out there, take care of YOU....

Hope to see you at Sharkies Cronulla, there's are wonderful buzz about this market

Have a great weekend !!!!


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  1. Kirsty you are an amazing inspiration! Its true that being a mum and working is really hard work! Every day that I'm challenged I think about what it means to set a positive example to our son about never giving up! Your stall looked amazing today, well done and good luck with the move!